Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Merits of Staten Island Home Inspections to home buyers

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At the moment, there are millions of real estate transactions which happened on a daily basis. This being the case, is ever you are interested in buying any Staten Island property or simply are looking to purchase a new house, it is imperative that you get to take precautionary measures and ensure that you are safe from all the fraudulent activities of the real estate industry especially if you are handling all your activities online such as paying for a house with several defects which may be compromising your comfort and safety.

One of the best ways of making sure that you engage in safe real estate transactions when looking to buy a new house is to hire an experienced Staten island Home Inspection Company. As the buyer of a new house, hiring an experienced home inspector serves as a guarantee to identify all the immediate as well as long term benefits of investing in whichever house interests you. What’s more, it helps avoids different kinds of deal breakers which may have never been noticed or found out later on had the house / property never been checked.

An experienced home inspector will help make sure that the house is thoroughly inspected and that all potential deal breakers which are likely to set you off as a potential buyer are all identified and dealt with accordingly. As a result, being the buyer, you will find it much easier to negotiate a better deal from the already set asking price especially after going through the inspection report. Take note, as the buyer, you equally have all the rights to commission a home inspection in case you would like to familiarize yourself a bit with the house on sale or simply clarify your doubts if you have a feeling that there might be something wrong with the house/property put up for sale.

Apart from the above, as the buyer, you stand to benefit from commissioning a home inspection staten island in the sense that you will never regret having make a sizeable investment on something new since the inspection will help get rid of all the doubts which you may have of the property/ house in question. In short, since buying a new house is a big deal taking into consideration the fact that you get to invest a great deal of money, it is important to make sure that as the buyer you leave absolutely nothing to chance. The best way to do this is to commission a thorough home inspection by hiring an experienced home inspector.

Speaking of hiring an experienced home inspector, it is very important to do so since he / she serves as a guarantee to identify all key problematic areas of the house/property on sale which might later on result in extra costs, stress as a result compromising the comfort of the house which you may be interested in buying. What’s more, once all of the defects have been pointed out, you will be able to engage whoever is selling the house in negotiations which might lead to you saving a significant amount of the purchase of the house not to mention assuming ownership of your dream house.

Another good thing about home inspections to you as a buyer is the fact that the final inspection report will most definitely provide you with or help you draw up an estimate of the total cost of repairs needed to get the house back to good condition that is assuming that the house has not yet been inspected at the time it has been listed for sale. This you can also use to your advantage when negotiating with the seller, that is assuming all the defects identify as a result of the inspection have not been dealt with at all.

Simply put, as the buyer, commissioning a thorough home inspection when looking to buy a new house serves as a guarantee to ensure the safety of the new house put up for sale which you may be interested in buying. It also serves as a guarantee for a discount off the set purchase price since the inspection report will provide you with reasons to negotiate the price down to the level of your purchasing power. In short, as a potential home buyer, a home inspection will help you completely get rid of any regrets or remorse of having to deal with any unknown problems which may be compromising the comfort of the house a while later after you assume ownership of the house

Detailed Overview of a Home Inspection list for home buyers

Buying a house is one of main investments throughout life. This being the case, it is important to find the best way to make sure that whichever house it is that interests you is defect and mold free. At the moment, the best way to make sure of this is to hire an experienced home inspector to help you inspect the house for any kind of defects, molds or any other thing which may be compromising the comfort or security of the house which you may be interested in buying.

As a potential buyer, familiarizing yourself with a home inspection list serves as a guarantee to be able to make the best off any home inspection of whichever property you may be interested in. In fact, a home inspection checklist will help you have a better understanding of what to expect in the final home inspection report once the inspection of the house you would like to buy is complete.

To help make your search for the best house to buy easier, below is a detailed overview of professional home inspection list commonly preferred by professional home inspectors while examining any home suspected to be infested by molds or is characteristic of several defects hence in need of repairs. Simply put, the following is an overview on the checklist used by experienced home inspectors to determine the condition of the exterior and interior condition of any house up for sale prior to transfer of ownership.

Inspection Checklist overview for Exterior

During home inspection, the exterior of the house is closely looked into from a fairly reasonable distance in a bid to spot any glaring issues with the condition of the house/property put up for sale. During the inspection, focus is placed on the following key elements:- the roof, vents and chimney, the exterior walls and the foundation of the house, windows, sheds, doors, sills and decks. The condition of each of the above is carefully noted in the checklist at the same time notes for items which need repairs are taken. Take note, the pool and spas do not form part of a home inspection list.

Inspection checklist for the Interior

During the inspection of the interior, the condition of all the items used within is the center of focus. In fact areas which call for repairs are the ones focused on the most. Examples of some of the key aspects looked into during the inspection of the interior include: the floors, walls, ceiling, windows, heating systems, cooling systems, plumbing systems and the electrical system etc

Another equally interesting thing about home inspection checklist is the fact that it serves to point out any key repairs which the house you may be interested in buying need e.g. a brand new HVAC system or new pipes etc this information can later on be used to draw a meaningful conclusion as to whether or not buying the house you are interested in is a good idea or a bad idea. It gets better knowing that you will also have an opportunity to figure out exactly how long the inspection of the house should take and how much it should roughly cost. In short, commissioning a thorough home inspection serves as a guarantee to not only be able to familiarize yourself with the house put up for sale but also a chance to figure out in advance whether or not the investing in a particular house/property which interest you is a good idea or not.

In addition to all of the above, as the potential buyer of a new house, it is important to note that an inspection list will help you easily point out/ identify defects and problems which require repairs costing no more than $1000. This in turn serves as a guarantee to have issues related to or touching on basic safety, health etc sorted out properly before you can move in to the new house you may have just bought or are thinking of buying. Generally speaking, a detailed understanding of an inspection checklist will help you [the new home buyer] understand all the basics of a home inspection, what to look for as well as an overview of what will be reviewed and finally presented in the final inspection report.